jardiniere flowers

Introducing our new addition! 

We have an exciting new addition to the Jardiniere family. No, it’s not a new floral designer (but we are always looking to add new talent to our staff!). No, its not another 4 legged friend – we have our hands full enough there. Our adoption is actually a beautiful pencil cactus – that stands over 10 feet tall.

This beauty, that came all the way to the East coast from Bermuda, was sadly losing its owner in her move west. Although she had so lovingly and carefully cared for it for over 28 years moving a 10 foot tall plant just wasn’t in the cards. The so-called pencil cactus is actually a Euphorbia tirucalli thus making it a succulent as opposed to a true cactus. And for those who know us – they know how we are passionate about our succulents!

So, what should we name her?

Since she is such a big part of our retail space now, we figure we should make sure she has a name. And we need your help and inspiration. Send your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the one that gets selected will receive a lovely bouquet of fresh cut flowers.