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Make Cut Flower bouquets Last Longer


There is nothing that celebrates Spring and  "Happy Mother's Day!" like a bouquet of fresh spring flowers from Jardiniere Flowers - peonies, tulips, sweet peas are just a few of the varieties that make a mother's heart sing.  Here are some tricks to make those fresh-cut flowers last. 

Trim stems first. By the time you get flowers home, the original florist cut is too old. Make a 45-degree angle cut about an inch from the bottom of the stem, which allows the flower to absorb water easier. Rose stems "breathe" when cut, so trim them under water and out immediately to a fresh water filled vase.


Remove submerged leaves to prevent rotting water. Many types of flowers will fade faster from dirty water, so pinch off excess stem foliage before placing in your vessel. 


Add a preservative. We try and put a preservative packet in each bouquet wrap before it leaves our store. If you prefer, create your own homemade mix using a little sugar and VERY little bleach - sugar feeds the flowers and bleach kills the bacteria. Be careful though - too much bleach will harm your flowers!


Change water often. Most flowers appreciate regular water changes, not just a top-off. If you see any discoloration or the water smells funky, empty and refill the entire container. That's why if you buy a vase arrangement from us, the vase is often "gridded" with tape. That way you can turn the vase almost upside down to drain the "old" water, and not lose the design of the flowers when you return it upright and add your water.


Choose the best location. Low light is best for your beautiful blossoms, and keep them away from heating and air conditioning vents. 


Get a second chance by recycling faded flowers. Rose petals can be saved and dried to make your own potpourri. Slightly fading  orchid flowers can be floated in a decorative dish with fresh water. Late season hydrangea dries beautifully and can decorate a guest room or study. Or press flowers and leaves onto cards and give greeting and thank-you notes a personal touch. 



Next time you order ask us for more tips- we're here to help you enjoy your flowers even more!