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Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Floral Designer For Your Wedding

Your “big day” is a big deal, so you want to make sure everything is perfect especially the flowers. Ask these important questions to make sure you are hiring the best florist for your wedding.

A quick email or phone call to the florist will answer that question - so don’t make plans to visit until you know that your date is available and they can make an appointment at a time that works for both of you.

Have you designed the floral arrangements for any events at my venue?

Being familiar with the location isn’t critical, but it's a nice-to-have and will make things easier in the long run both for you and for the venue. Please be sure to ask if they are willing to do a walk-through of the location with you for planning purposes and if there is a charge for this service.

How long have you been in the floral design business?

Always a good question - how long has the florist been in operation and what kind of reputation do the floral designers and set up crew have?Does your venue recommend them? Are the designers well versed in round or cascading methods?How do they use their greenery, how do they wrap their bouquets? Flowers are a fun part when planning your wedding day and nothing should be left to chance!

How many other weddings or events will you schedule on the same day?

It is important to decide whether the florist is overextended, however, consider that they may have plenty of staff for handling multiple events on the same day. Ask specific questions about who will be managing your event directly.

Will you be doing my arrangements yourself or would it be another floral designer?

It is a good idea to meet the specific florist who will be creating your bouquet and wedding flowers to make sure they understand what you want down to the last detail.

Can you work within my budget?

Another crucial first question, but there is more to consider. When you get specific about the flower types, it may get more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, ask how you can get ”the look” you want for the budget you have. Be honest with the designer, and he/she can be more helpful to you.

What flowers are in season for the month I am getting married?

Although you may already have decided what you want, if Anemones are not in season (for example), it may be necessary to re-think this detail, and a good florist will help you figure out a “plan B” which should be just as good or better than your initial idea.

What other services do you provide (runners, candles, other decorations)? Do I rent or buy them?

Many florists can supply much more than just the wedding flowers, adding to the overall design, style, and ambiance of the ceremony or reception. Ask about their rental opportunities if you require other decorative products or services.

Can you work with my cake designer and the venue directly?

There is a huge convenience factor if your florist can contact the venue and cake designer directly, leaving you to concentrate on other details of the wedding.

How far in advance of the wedding will you create the bouquets and arrangements, and how are they stored?

You do not want your floral arrangements looking sad and wilted on your wedding day. Be sure to ask when your flowers will be created and how they will be stored, so your special day is full of fresh, bursting with color and texture decorations.

How are delivery and breakdown handled and what are the fees for this?

Do you need to be present for this? Do you need to arrange transportation or coordinate between the ceremony and reception venues, or will the florist handle all of that?  These are additional excellent questions you need to know beforehand.

How far in advance do I need to secure your services? What is the deposit required to secure my date?

Another vital detail to make sure you secure your florist in plenty of time and make sure nothing is left to chance

What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?

No one ever expects anything to go wrong, but if for some reason you need to cancel or postpone your event, it's nice to know ahead of time, what the financial impact of that will be.

There are probably a dozen more questions you can ask to ensure the best possible florist for your wedding. However, these are some of the more prominent ones in helping you find and decide on a floral designer you can work with to make your special day as magical beautiful and memorable as possible!